Sleeping tips for people with scoliosis!

Scoliosis has become a very common problem these days. And the effects it has on its patients are drastic. From having problems in walking to posture related issues with sleeping, all these create a big mess for the person battling with scoliosis. But a few arrangements if you make for your sleep, can help you in making a difference. Not only will it give you relief on the grounds of pains and aches but will also help you in acquiring a deep and relaxing nap.
Here’s what you should follow as a scoliosis patient to improve your sleep. Take a quick look:
  • Choosing a high-quality mattress is important. since the kind of mattress you sleep on has a big role to play in giving you a deep or uneasy sleep, make sure your choice when it comes to picking it, becomes very appropriate and correct. Usually, in most of the cases, mattresses tend to lose their upper layer with the passage of time. This turns out to be extremely bad for scoliosis patients as such kinds of mattresses do not provide them with any sort of support of comfort. Hence, make sure that the one you are picking for yourself or the patient is of great quality so that it’s condition and standard do not degrade too easily or fast.
  • Sleeping in the right position is highly important if you do not want to go through a painful night. Since your sleeping posture can leave a drastic impact on your body, you should know which exact position to sleep in, to not come across any issues during the night. The best way to sleep is with the spine in a neutral position. Sleeping on your stomach should be highly avoided as it puts a lot of pressure on your body, especially the back portion. While this is something that comes out as general, do not forget to ask your doctor about the position, so that he/she can guide you as per your case.
  • Supporting your spine with a couple of pillows is a great way of sleeping in a comfortable way. Since your back needs care and support during this phase, leaving in on its own should be avoided. Make sure you always give it some sort of platform while sleeping so that it gets placed on it ideally for the whole while when you are sleeping.
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