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We are a Total Wellness Facility incorporating cutting edge technologies including Digital X-ray, over 50 spinal traction stations, exercise/rehab equipment including true 3D PowerPlate vibration technology and TRX suspension training. We offer all the services one would need to get well including: Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Naturopathy, Orthotics, Personal Training, Physiotherapy, Scoliosis Bracing and our new Osteoporosis Reversal Program!

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Congratulations to Dr. Paul Oakley (right) for receiving CBP researcher of the year!
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I have much more energy and better posture then when I started. In the past my head felt heavy after long hours of driving or sitting at the computer. Now I feel great throughout the day.

Aron F
Aron FSuccess Story

For the past 10 years I have suffered with Fibromyalgia. My daily activities were dictated by the level of pain that I was in. Since being treated by Dr. Oakley and his team for the past 7 months, I have little to no pain! It is wonderful to have my life back!

Bonnie HSuccess Story

I was a nurse & a personal trainer. Changed jobs two years ago and now do home care for the elderly and disabled. Have had neck “issues” for quite some time, TMJ, and lower back pain for years. Since I started Chiro my neck has improved. I have taken some power plate classes, which I’m finding quite challenging. I’m looking forward to feeling better all over!

CadinaSuccess Story

Several months ago on the recommendation of my gym trainer, I attended a consultation with Dr. Paul Oakley at the Chiropractic Centre to talk about my long standing poor posture and particularly my neck. It was leaning forward. An x-ray confirmed that my neck was indeed out of a healthy alignment. A course of programming was established three times a week with his staff. At the next set of x-rays a few months later, I was happy to find that my neck alignment had improved quite significantly. I then began a series of programming to improve the curve in my back. Again, after the next x-rays, I had improved there as well. I can tell the difference in my posture and my self-confidence about my posture tremendously. I look forward to continued improvement.

Valerie LSuccess Story

First time I met Dr. Paul Oakley was 10 years ago.    Dr. Oakley helped me and both my parents feel better with back and neck pain. Now that 10 years has past and I started feeling my symptoms again. Coming back to Innovative Spine & Wellness is the first thing I thought of. Still doing my treatments and so far they have helped me feel better and I have experienced less pain in my neck and back then I was before. The pain before was so bad that it was effecting my ability to work. The staff here at Innovative Spine & Wellness is great as well! Defiantly makes me feel comfortable and makes me enjoy coming here three times a week. Looking forward to continuing my treatment. 100% recommend this place.

Lia R
Lia RSuccess Story

I stumbled upon Innovative Spine & Wellness about six months ago feeling like I was ready to give up. My conditions were becoming unbearable to the point where learning and attending physical activities was difficult, even sitting in a chair for a short time became a chore. Their loving facility quickly took me under their belt with a personalized treatment plan. The required adjustments, exercises, and traction treatments, offered with the help of their enthusiastic and dedicated team has been a worthwhile experience during my recovery process. Their relationship as a team has made me feel very warm and welcome to attend treatment, especially the connection, or lack of, between a certain vibrant receptionist and one of Frankenstein’s minions. My treatments and results from Innovative Spine & Wellness has highlighted my support to their cause of natural means of care through chiropractic care and adjustments in opposed to medicine. Now that I am heading back to school in September from being off for several years, I am looking forward to having a far easier time being educated with the level of recovery endured through this process.

Orie HSuccess Story

It began with shooting pain down to my fingers and the need for nightly; mandatory back rubs from my wife. In the prime of my life at age 30, my pain level was at least 8/10. Since coming to Innovative Spine & Wellness and working with Dr. Oakley, I feel amazing. The pain in my shoulders, neck and hips has dissipated to the point where I only feel a slight numbness in a couple fingers. I’m at a 2/10 and feel in charge of my health for the first time in a long time. I thought nothing would relieve my pain, I’m so glad that Innovative Spine & Wellness has proven me wrong!

Mike DSuccess Story

Dr. Oakley and his team at Innovative Spine and Wellness have freed me from severe migraines! Thank you for the freedom!

Heidi BSuccess Story

Innovative Spine & Wellness helped me to gain the ability to move again without constant risk of injury and improve my posture. Before coming here, I was plagued with an unstable lower back, hips, amid back scoliosis and bar forward neck posture. I had been working on fixing my back at seemingly random times leaving me unable to move. My mid back scoliosis had also really started to bother me since I could not exercise… all of this had a very hard impact on my life as a weightlifting. I was limited physically, but also suffering mentally and emotionally as a result. Fast forward 4 months, and I am a whole different person. My back, both lower and upper are stable. I’m able to canoe, fish, hike and lift weights again with no risk of injury. I can’t remember the last time I’ve thrown out my back, my neck posture has greatly improved, and even the degree of my scoliosis has improved! I highly recommended Innovative Spine & Wellness- Dr. Oakley and his team are friendly and very professional. I couldn’t have regained my health with them.

Gabriel KSuccess Story

Dr. Paul and his staff have put me on the road to a pain free lower back and after each visit my leg strength is returning after just 3 months. This has been the best treatment I’ve ever had! Excellent care and great staff.

John CSuccess Story