Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine from the front view of at least 10 degrees. It is a very serious concern in the pediatric patient, where an increase in the growth of height often leads to a rapid increase in curvature. If the spinal curve gets large enough, surgery is often recommended (Harrington rods).

In adults scoliosis can cause debilitating back pains and arthritis. We have had success treating scoliosis of all ages. Whereas the medical community may “watch and wait”, we offer several options for patients with scoliosis:

  • SpineCor bracing (smaller curves 10-50°)

  • Scolibrace - larger curves greater than 35°

  • CBP technique for scoliosis (mirror-image® traction methods)

  • Corrective exercise program (incorporating CBP® mirror-image® and SpineCor corrective exercises on the PowerPlate®)