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Power Plate – What’s all this hype about?

By Melissa Baird, RMT & Dr. Oakley There are constant fitness trends emerging, most of them leaving the customer disappointed; the Power Plate is not to be mistaken as a fitness trend. The Power Plate machine is a three-dimensional platform providing a consistent, safe and controlled level of vibration in an up and down, back […]

Water – How much should you drink?

By Dr. Oakley   Most people fail to realize that our body’s are mostly water, even our bones are 30% water! We lose water all day long by breathing, unconscious sweating (while not exercising), and of course also in our urine and feces. If we are under stress, ill, in hot weather conditions, or actually […]

Gluten – What’s the Big Deal?

By Dr. Oakley Why is gluten such a big deal these days? Why do so many adopt a gluten-free diet? I will tell you why! My good friends and colleagues, Drs. Tom and Stephanie Chaney, publish an exhaustive review of gluten and how it affects the body in their book: ‘Lose the Gluten, Lose your […]

Hunched Posture is more than Just a Cosmetic Deformity: Dr. Kado, MD Proves it’s Correlation to Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke

By Dr. Oakley Hunched posture is more than just a cosmetic deformity! It commonly starts with a forward head posture (see my blog on ‘text neck’) and then affects the upper back, as well as the lower back. Eventually it is a whole body collapse against the unrelenting gravitational forces. The health effects of hunched […]

Testimonial 369

Sophie gets incredible correction of her neck alignment with Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) Technique. Dr. Oakley also identified an anatomical leg length discrepancy corrected with a heel lift which relieved her hip problems associated with her running.

Testimonial 179

Pat gets her life back on track after not being able to shop, vacuum, sit constrained etc. without extraordinary back pains complicated by degenerative scoliosis. Treatment by Dr. Oakley using Chiropractic BioPhysics methods incorporating Mirror-Image Exercises, Adjustments, and Traction Methods relieves her pains to negligible levels.